Sobriety is metaphysically expensive,
but Compassion generates spiritual currency;
therefore remember that there is NO such thing as
cruelty-free eggs or cheese.

There is nothing compassionate about:
– the slavery of animal exploitation,
– the rape of forced bovine breeding that
is integral to the production of cheese,
– the murder of male chicks that the
industry sees as mere waste, or
– slaughter of the male children of dairy cows that
feeds the veal industry.

With every meal, we can choose compassion for:
– the animals
(for the exploitation of animal agriculture is slavery),
– the planet
(for the waste of animal agriculture burdens the
earth, air and sea),
– humanity
(for animal agriculture takes water, grain and legumes out of
the mouths of humans), and
– for ourselves
(as the consumption of cheese, and eggs are the
leading causes of heart disease, stroke, cancer,
diabetes and hypertension).

When we choose compassion,
we are choosing the empowerment
that supports our sobriety. veal


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