Although a weekly series of in-person classes and live webinars begins regularly, it might be best if you didn’t register.
You see, the Buddha Joy Meditation School’s classes and group practices aren’t for everyone.

If you are already satisfied with your current rate of spiritual development, then don’t sign up.
Lama’s classes and webinars are reserved for those who hunger and yearn for greater freedom from sadness, anger, and fear.

If the mere thought of 5 minutes of homework every morning and evening makes you want to bolt and run, then don’t register.
But if you are genuinely enthusiastic about increasing your joy, love, and peace, you are welcome.

If you don’t desire the opportunity to feed even one monk, as little as one meal a week {through PayPal}, then don’t.
But if your heart longs to support poor monastics and your mind could conceive of generosity’s Karmic benefit, then you are welcome.

If you need your teachers to be somber, dry and dignified, then don’t sign up.
But if you long to laugh, giggle, and rapidly evolve, you are indeed welcome.

If you wish to attend, merely out of curiosity, then don’t register.
But if you earnestly desire to actively participate in your rapid transformation, you’re welcome.

After every class each registered student will be sent a PDF of the practice text.

Some people make a $20 donation for every class
some people give more
some people give less
some people give nothing …

The MOST important thing is that you show up 5-10 minutes early with pen and notebook, and be enthusiastic to learn.

Implied 100_If you live in Southern California’s Palm Springs, you might enjoy attending the NEXT in-person class.

Otherwise you may wish to arrange for a live, webinar simulcast over your web-cam.